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I know this is the same topic as another one, but I can’t even sign in to my Infinite Flight account. My google account from my old school is disabled and I can’t even sign in. I would like to know if there is a way I can access my account and change the email. My IF account is extremely important to me as it has 147,000 XP, 120 total flying hours, and Live plus. I am hoping this issue can be solved soon since I have only been able to do one flight with global and I plan on doing many more. Before this topic gets shut down, it would be nice to get a helpful answer

Hi there, thank you for contacting support as we are here to assist you. Please review the information below:

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Hello my name is Seth and I am having a problem getting the new update.
I’m not sure what’s going on cause I thought that the global update would atomaticly update on all devices. I have a kindle fire and have been trying to get the update for two days now. But I’m still stuck in the old sever with just the region’s. I payed for a 12 month subscription back in 2016. Im also a level 3 flyer if that inflrmation is needed. So can you help me out with the new global update because I have really been wanting this since I have gotten the game. I really like this simulation game and want to keep flying in your game.
Thanks and please get back to me as soon as you can

Global has not been released for Android devices yet. Look for an announcement once the update is ready.

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Thank you Chris do you have any idea when they will give this annocments or is it unknown?

It is unknown at this time.

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Thank you Chris. I sent an email addressing my dilemma.