Account progress problem

I log into IF with this google account which is linked to this community account, and I found that all my progress was cleared. I was in grade 3, now it’s only grade 1 and a black account. I can show the purchase history of my google account, it cannot be grade 1.


Were you actively flying during the time the progress cleared? Because there is a 90-day landing count which could be the reason for this. You need to actively flying to keep it level if not it might just keep dropping.

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Hi there! If your accout stats have been completely reset to 0, try the following steps:

  • Log out
  • Restart your device
  • Launch Infinite Flight
  • Log in again on account you have your stats on.
  • Check your grade/stats.

If this doesn’t work, check your account is still linked with Google, and if it isn’t, send an email via or message @Schyllberg here on the community, with your community-linked username and callsign (and a quick description or link to this topic).

He also may be kind enough to contact you first, who will win the race? 😛


Thank you Sir!

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