Account Progress Lost

Hi, so after a few months of not playing IF, I decided to play today. I didnt know there was an update on the account settings so i just clicked the account tab on setting and i saw all my in-game statistics such as progress and XP. I then decided to purchase a subscription and after buying it, i clicked on the account tab and saw ALL my progress was lost. I was back to grade 1 with no XP. Anyone knows what happened? Before my last game a few months ago, I had a google account signed in so i assumed today my account was still logged in with my progress but i didnt know there was an update. Please any suggestions anyone??

First off, welcome back to the IFC.

Second, contact @schyllberg. He’s the tech wiz around here, so he should be able to assist you. It’s Christmastime, so he may not be able to assist you for a few days.

No need. Seb, among others, browse this category quite often. I’m sure someone will stop by soon. 😉

If he doesn’t you can ask him quicker. In a way bit wait 24 hours then contact if he does nto read this

@Dillon_737 - send an email to with as much details as possible about your account and we’ll do our best to help you asap!

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