Account problems


Got the same problem too. Weird…


Thanks Seb! Great work team!


Are anyone still having issues? @Nate_Schneller?


It workes for me perfect!


I do have some problems to here. As soon as I reload the page, I have to login again. Not social media. Normal account. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. @schyllberg


Clear the browser cache and try again. I’m not getting the same here I’m afraid :/


@schyllberg @DasMarc

Make the site a app when logged in! :) then you will stay logged in.


I just had the same problem,I Logged via e-mail.


Every time I close the tab, I have to login again, and I haven’t had to do this before. I just login with a username and password.


Clear web browser cache, as @schyllberg said. Go to setting, select safari, or whatever browser you use, go to storage settings of ‘website settings’ as I think it is for safari, and clear them. Then go back to IFC and sign in. Just worked for me!


I did that and I still have to login each time…


Ah okay, sorry! Just out of curiosity, are you on apple or Android?


I’m on Apple, an iPhone 7+. I cleared website data and cache and everything through Safari settings.


Huh, weird. I’m probably not hot e best guy to help with this so imma leave it to the pros 😂 hope you get it sorted tho!


I’m still having the issue, never has it before
Just for reference :
• Apple iPhone 7+
• Safari
• I’ve cleared cache and data


Which address are you visiting? If it’s bookmarked, change from infinite-flight to infiniteflight


There we go, it worked. I didn’t have infinite-flight but regardless it works now.


so everything is back to normal now?


Logged back in and I’m all good now


I can not log in anymore. What do I do for recovery?