Account problems


Hey after 30 minutes of trying to get in my account it worked I couldnt log in via Facebook/Google so I tried my mail. Now it worked but how dit this happend? Wil I get fixed?

Mell Ijzerman


Are we talking about the forum or the app now? (this is why we have #support & #meta)


Ooo about the forum sorry!


I having this problem too, I only can sign in when I click the email button.


Yeah same issue here bud, it doesn’t let me use my Google sign in or facebook sign in!

Something about Oauth authorization

Note this should be META as it’s a forum issue - I don’t think the developers renewed their external signin


Had that problem also


Okay, yeah we’re working on this right now.
Some domain changes were made and we need to update the social media auths for this.
It’s being done as we speak :)

You guys catch things too fast ;)


Thank you!! You rock!


So, my personal information is not at risk then?


Okay no worries. Thanks for the fast answer! :)


Yeah we’re going to steal it all, and your diamonds 😘


If there changing domains they probably haven’t set up SSL? Or its setup but having issues

My website had same issue


It’s not about that. Facebook and Google needs to know where the traffic is coming from… And as we changed from to, they objected :)


Glad to here it’s not just me. But no need to fear, Val and Seb are here!


I was able to log in with google. yay!


The SSL certificate also had to be updated.
A new one is in place. So for people that are having the issue where the site is not secure, close the tab and open the community in a new tab. That should solve it.

For the login issues, we are working on it, it should be all back really soon.


Both Google & Facebook should be fully functional now!


I was finally able to log into via Facebook! Thanks everyone!


Google seems good now too. Thanks for the quick work team!


I got logged out to! What happened XD