Account problem

Hello everyone,

I would need some help. I just renewed my subscription, the problem is that I already had an account and did not log with that account.

So I would like to know if I can with the signature I took, use with my account that I used


Just to clarify, you already had an account but when you went to renew, you accidentally created a new account.

Are you asking to change your renewal to your old account and delete the new account that was created?

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Hello, I have an account in the IF where I am grade 3, but when I was to renew the subscription, I went to grade 1. Entering the IF Nick IFBR Jussifran

Help !! Please !!!

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I would like to transfer my subscription to my old account.


Can you please provide the following information to @ schyllberg via PM. I am sure he will be able to transfer them for you.

  • Display name and callsign for account you wanted to buy for
  • Display name and callsign of account you accidentally bought

A Purchase receipt with GPA number for accidental purchase would be useful too.

Thank you … I did the way you said it.

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