Account pro issue?

I have a problem with my subscription when trying to add my infinite flight account. It pops up with an error saying, “cannot add as it has a pro subscription already” which ahem doesn’t. So whats up with this??

Using a Zflip3

The error means what it says :)

Your Community profile is already linked to an account in the app.
Am i correct in assuming that you’ve had an account in the past which you’re now trying to get access to?

Ive already have access to it, but im trying to put the pro subscription I have right now to that account.

That you can’t do.
This is why the “I already have an account” exists when making a purchase, so you can sign in before and not having it create a new account :)

But we can correct it, just give me a moment.

Alright then.

Did you link Discord to the new account? Just double checking so i know it’s the correct account I’m working on.

Tag ends with #1150.

Yes that’s me.

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Now restart the app and you should be good to go!
You will need to relink the Discord account but other than that, all should be set up!

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Amazing, Thank you!

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