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Dear moderators, administrators and other clever people,

Is there a way to see:

  • when I first created my Live accont on IF?
  • when I first registered for this Community?

If there is no way to find out myself, can then please someone send me a private message with the info?

Thanks in advance!


The personal profile mentions the date when you joined.


and you can look at when you’re account expires on your account page in IF

so you could do the math

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Look at Post #2 by @Jet_Airways_995

Subtract 30 days from your Date of Subscription Expiry if you have Live
Subtract an year from your Date of Subscription Expiry if you have Live+

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This is when you joined the community


What if he didn’t have live for some time?
What if he got some live subs and then eventually a live + sub?


Exactly. Maybe try going into the google account association things and seeing when it says infinte flight was added? Not sure about Facebook

Guessing you use a credit card for your IAP’s, you can look at your statement and look for the first live subscription purchase.


You can also look for when you bought the game ;)

I think @Tyler_Shelton might be able to tell you when you first created your live account.

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I know on androids, you can go to the play store and look at your order history. If you scroll down you will eventually find the first live purchase.

Yes, but if you’re like myself and some others, we didn’t buy live right away.

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You joined the community on June 6th 2015. Your first Live flight was on September 21st 2014.


@Tyler_Shelton Is it possible for a normal user to see this without the need of a Staff Member? Quite interested to see my stats too.

I have an old iPod with IF on it, still the old logo. Can’t open it. I think I got my live in December due to that glitch where it gave me live for about 2 hours. My first subscription was January 4th, 2017, I think.

As far as I know it is not possible to see. Hopefully discourse will add that ability some day!


Thanks for that info!

Hard to believe it took me so long to join this community after joining Live.
Not a good example! ;-)

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