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Good evening to all. I am new here, and excited to get started. I write this wondering how to change my account to public so I can submit an application to become an ATC on expert servers. The application says my IFC @ is valid but the account is on private so it wont let me continue. I have looked everywhere, and can not seem to find how to do that anywhere.

I thank and appreciate all of your answers and help. Happy holidays.


Hi! You’re account currently is a public one, if not it would say that “This user’s profile is currently hidden”, and your’s doesn’t :)

If you go into settings, it will give you an option to “hide public profile”. By default this is not enabled, so it should be fine unless you changed it.


Alec did a great job explaining the question that you asked! On a side tangent, I would like to congratulate you for taking the step to become ATC on the Expert Server!

While you’re here be sure to check out the following topic on IFATC recruiting. An issue that you may be facing is that you are not at the correct Trust Level Yet. You must be Trust Level 1 here on the forum to apply for IFATC. For more information on trust levels, check this topic out!

Additionally, all of the IFATC requirements can be found on this topic.

On a second tangent, welcome to the community! It is so nice to see a new, friendly face! Be sure to check out the tutorials in #meta:forum-guide (click on the bold text) to learn everything you need to know about the Infinite Flight Community! Have a great day @MacBros! ;)


Welcome to the community!

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