Account on other device

it says your account is being used on another device, throttle will now be cut, it says im offline, how do I work this out?

Do you have another device that is using the same account? If you do, did you spawn somewhere on this second device?

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yup it does

So did you spawn somewhere on the 2nd device?

yeah but on solo

You can’t be on two devices at once. I believe even on solo. Has this worked for you before?

as I said this I stalled and crashed

I’m trying to help you out here, so let’s not head off topic. Has this worked for you before?

Like I stated above, you can’t use 2 devices with one account. You can sign in on both, but you can’t fly at the same time on both. Even with one on live and one in solo. It’s considered “cheating”

never happened if that’s what’s you asking

oh ok thank you, i’ll remember that :)

So you’ve never tried this before or you have and you’ve been successful?

i never played with 2 devices at the same time, this was the first time

Alright. Just remember what I said above so you don’t get your engines cut and crash. Have a great day!

I will PM you about Virtual Airline stuff.

Please continue in a PM as @Plane-Train-TV said :)