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Hi there… just changed my device from an Android(Note 8) to IOS (IPhone 7+) but unfortunately the account doesn’t match even after subscribing it instead created another account after subscription. Help.

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Hey there @Edrine_Razz! Welcome to the community. Did you log in to the account using the same email as your previous subscription?

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I don’t think you can do that changing devices but could be wrong. Message @schyllberg because i believe he can help you more then anyone in the community as he can do what nobody else can:)


@Alphadog4646 is right, you should PM @schyllberg for more information.

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Regardless of whether you are on Android or iOS, you are still able to use the same account.

@Edrine_Razz do you see the option to log out and sign into a different account?

If you click here and log out, you should then have the option to sign back in. Infinite Flight will try and search for a pre existing account, but you have the option to sign in to another alternative one

You won’t be able to PM seb due to trust levels, but he gets notified by every support topic posted on this forum, so he may contact you soon.

And also welcome to the community 😛


Welcome to the community!

You should be able to log in using the same account, as the Operating system doesn’t affect your IF account. Make sure to link your account to either Google or Facebook before signing out, to avoid problems like these happening in the future.


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That will not help considering the subscription is already applied to a different account.


If you just purchased a new subscription but it ended up on an account you do not recognize (usually named “User-####”, #=digits), we can help you transfer it to the correct one.
Please let us know the display name and callsign for both the new account as well as the one you wish to use, and we can then transfer the subscription to the correct account.

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