Account Not Loading Subscription

Hello! I am reaching out since the Infinite Flight App is not showing my subscription. When I go into the Fly Online tab it shows me a screen saying, “No active Infinite Flight Pro subscriptions found” I have purchased a 6-month subscription and it is set to expire October 10, 2020. I have attached a photo of my subscription as well. What should I do?

Edit: I have also attached a photo of my Infinite Flight app.

Hi, this is a known issue, they are currently working on it.

I have the Same Problem with my Account … i bought a 1 month Sub and nothing Happens…
i restarted my Internet Connection and then i delete the App and reinstall it but nothing Happens

This hapend to me two.

Pinned message at the top of your screen read it , saves time writing posts

Yes, but it says it should be back to normal.
" Our services are returning to normal and you should be able to sign in .

Please restart the app if you’re experiencing any issues, and get in touch with us if you are still having issues. "

Cant find my acc

I already Restarted the App 3 Times

After restarting the app a couple times, and being patient with it pulled up my account! I hope this works with you guys as well. It seems like giving the app a some refresh cycles was good.

The entire IF game is having this issue. The IF team is working to fix this. Please be patient. There are plenty of posts right not of people expressing there issues and opinions. Once the server issue is fixed you should be back to normal

Once back to normal you should be all set

Yep, my app just need some restart cycles and it pulled up my subscription. Thank you!