Account not found

I want play in another account


Could you elaborate on the issue a bit more?

  • Did you have a subscription?
  • Did you link your account?

If I bought a subscription but did not link the account and that is why when I want to play in another account this appears to me

So you bought a subscription but it didn’t link in you old account?

That is because you probably never signed in with this account before on that device.

When you buy a subscription, you should link your account, because next time when you sign out, you can sign in by simply signing in with google or facebook.

practically what I want to know is if I can buy the infinite flight PRO for another page and then link it to a google or facebook account

Yes you can. :)

Buy a subscription, then tap on your account, and on the bottom right there should be a button to “Link Accounts.”

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Where do I buy it, in what part, if you have the link you can pass it to me

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