Account Not Found

I did the subscription, but how, and where do I make an account?

Hello! You are able to sign in with a Google account or a FaceBook account. Sounds like you have purchased a Subscription already so that would mean you would already have an account. Are you able to click on “Fly Online” and spawn in at an airport?


No I’m not, it still tells me to login

Do you have an available Google or Facebook account to use? That will be needed to fly on Infinite Flight :)

I have a google account

Awesome! You can use that to login!

Click on “Sign In with Google”

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That’s what I did, but it doesn’t recnognize it.

Are you getting the error from Google when logging in or is it an Infinite Flight Error?

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Are you logging in with a google account same one as you purchased the subscription with?

IF error. It says that the account wasn’t found.

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It sent the receipt thing to my gmail, So I think so.

You need to create an account first before attempting to log in. Have you done that?
Your post stated that you but the subscription without an account

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Where do I do that?

In the main menus. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’ll see my app and send a photo in a second

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I do that, but then it goes to the “I already have an account” or “CONTINUE”.

Sign in with google should work, does it not?

It doesn’t.

Ok, try to delete and re install the app and try again.
Also, can you log in to your google account on gmail or chrome to make sure it’s working?