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Good day, I cant seem to connect and fly online please assist me?

Please add more info.

what exactly do you mean? if you not able to connect to the servers, then its most probably your internet connection. Try and restart your net. please send us a screenshot if able. thanks


Exit the app, stop it from running in the background by using the task manager, restart your device and launch IF again.

Were you able to connect some time in the past or is it your first time using the app?

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Isn’t task manager only on Android?
If you’re on iOS, simply double click the home button and then swipe the Infinite Flight app up.

First of all, we don’t know what he is using. Secondly, it’s also called task manager. On iOS devices you double click the home button (except for the iPhone X) and on Android there’s a button for it.

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Can you log out and log in?

Yeah, ok. I knew how to stop an app from running, I didn’t know it was called task manager.

What device and OS version are you using? Might not be needed for the solution, but the info could be handy.
I’ll wait for the OP to respond.