Account not found

When I try and sign in it says my account could not be found.

A few hours ago the app crashed, and when I went back on I was logged out. I pressed ‘sign back in’ which automatically did it, but then it displayed the following message:

I have since redownloaded the app and the message still appears when I try and sign in.

Device info:

  • iPad 2017
  • Latest version IF
  • iOS 11.2.6
  • Gmail login

Same issue here


Samsung Galaxy S8+
Facebook Login
Latest version of the app


In the past few days I have also been randomly signed out but until now I was able to sign back in.

Delete the app and redownlowd it. That seems to solve a lot of problems.

Why do I see so many topics related to this?

They are all created around the same moment.

My answer: try reinstalling

EDIT: Never mind, Laura solved the problem (server error)


Yes this happened to me too and now I can’t log back into my account. Send help lol!

There Seems to be in issue with the servers I am sure that FDS is looking into it

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Same issue.
• IPad 2018
• Latest version IF
• Google Login

Seeing as there are so many immediate topics I’m guessing the system has an error.


Completely the same issue for me.


We’re working on some database issue, we’ll update when it’s fixed.


From the looks of it everyone has this issue.

Most likely there is, I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me at first cause of all of these, but like what Bert said before, delete and reinstall, if that doesn’t work, reset the device, if that doesn’t work well, patience is the key!

That’s fine then. I was just worried my account had been deleted. Phew!

Ok. Thanks for that Laura!

Thanks! I couldn’t survive without Infiinte Flight lol.


Same issue here.
It said “Account not Found”
But I was playing like an hour ago.
Fix it pls 😢

Guys please wait while they try to solve the issue Log-in issue

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They’re working as fast as they can mate, patience is the key!


Please see this topic for updates: