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I was trying to create an account and purchase a IF Pro subscription. However when I try to sign up using Facebook/Google it returns me with a Account Not Found error and asks me to create a account on the website but when I visit that link the page just doesn’t open on my Android device


Try restarting your device or reinstalling Infinite Flight. Make sure you are signed in to Google or Facebook with the correct credentials (your Google/Facebook credentials).

Also, make sure you have a good internet connection.

I’ve done everything you said
I’ve entered the correct credentials
I’ve an excellent internet connection (this is the only page that doesn’t seem to be opening)

Oh btw, the Infinite Flight website does not work anymore.

What version of Infinite Flight are you using? Make sure it is from the App store or Play store, not from a third party website.

The latest version for Android

Go back to the first page, then tap “Fly online”.
It will then show you a box with “LOGIN” in the top, and then “Sign in with Facebook” and “Sign in with Google”.

Below those two, you have a smaller text where it says “No account? Sign up here”:
Tap that, and go from there.


Yeah I didn’t just Login

I went for the Sign Up option only

Can you show us a printscreen of what you see before getting the popup saying “Account not found”?

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  1. Sign up for account

  2. Select an account to Sign Up

  3. Returns back to app with error

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You wouldn’t happen to have a Facebook account to try with?

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Happens the same with Facebook too

From where did you download the app? :)

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I’ve downloaded it from Google Play Store

Woahh Somehow it seems to have worked

Thanks @schyllberg

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Lol, what was it that worked? FB or Google?

I believe it was his FB that worked.
That was the case for me last year trying to create an account. Wouldn’t work with Google but would with FB.

Google is what finally worked

You may now close this