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Good evening…got the update but when i try to log in it says account not found and i have a 12 month subscription…any help would be greatly appreciated…thank you

Make sure you are using the same credentials as before. If that doesn’t work close the app and try again.

Thank you for contacting support!

If you purchased a new subscription or renewed an existing one but cannot access your Live account after trying the “I already have a subscription” option in-app, please send us the following information in private:

  • Full username.
  • Call sign.
  • Copy of the purchase receipt.

You can attach the email purchase receipt from your respective app store or simply copy and paste the receipt into the body of your response. Note: All receipts from the Google PlayStore must display the order ID beginning with “GPA”.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to help you!



That issue seems to be resolved thank you…but what happened to my subscription…it doesn’t expire til oct 17th…but i cant access atc on the new update and no regions…its only giving me casual as a server

Also no planes to pick from

This may be grade related if you cannot access those servers. Check out your grade table and see where you’re not qualifying .

As for aircraft, head to the aircraft page and select “restore purchases”. For fresh installs you will still need to download each individual aircraft.

So ybere this no training servers on global?

There is the same server setup as before. Can you send a screenshot of your server page?

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When you click on the casual server on the left it doesn’t bring up the others?

Please go to the fly tab rather than ATC. You’re on the casual server and it’s telling you there is no ATC. You should be able to go “back”.

Go Back>Fly Online>Select Server

This is my sceen now

Click on the server and see if it shows Training and Expert.

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Click on the casual server and it will bring up the others.

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Current screen

Could you please reinstall the app at this time?

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I reinstalled and got this screen

then i click onon i already have a subscription…then i get this… then i click on atc and i get this i click on log back in eith google and get this i click on casual server and get this 3

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