Account Not Found

When attempting to login to Live, the connection to server screen stays up for several minutes then responds with account not found. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m using an iPhone 6S, iOS 10.2.


I’m getting the same and my infinite flight app has gone off Google play store

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My first solution would be to restart your device, and then reinstall Infinite Flight. Be sure you are entering the correct account credentials.


Restart your device and/or Infinite flight:)


There’s no app on the playstore to re-install

Could be preparing for update (getting rid of old servers??!?)

Just a speculation… @Levet <---- Maybe he knows…

Has your device been rooted in any way?

I’ve restarted both, and tried without wifi. In a few minutes I’ll try reinstalling Infinite Flight.

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Nope same device I’ve always used, I find it strange though as android shouldn’t be getting this update yet

No, it hasn’t been rooted or modified.

Try getting on a good WiFi this has happened to me many times just get on a WiFi or get connected to some network that you know is working.

I seem to be having connection issues as well. The servers are most likely down.

UPDATE: They are back up


I can’t get on at all, it says my account isn’t even found 😬.

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I’m currently on 4G so no connection issues

Guys they’re probably doing some work on the App. Be patient. It’s the same for me also.

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This is it…the next time you connect, you will have global to download…happy, so happy…Obama1

I’m re downloading, I’ll let you know what’s going on in a minute.

The developers are currently working on the servers. Please be patient because the new biggest update is coming this week.


Got it. Are you on wifi or data?

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This issue is not related to that. ;)

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