'Account Not Found' Notification After Creating New Account

Account not found notification popping up even after creating a new account

Check your internet is stable, maybe re-download the app?

Or you can also try restarting your internet.

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Have re downloaded twice and sitting next to the router

Are you sure the account creation didn’t get accidentally cancelled. Maybe try making an account again using the same login method and see if the creation is successful.

Thanks will try this now


When I come across a problem like this what I usually do is:

  1. Delete app
  2. turn ipad or phone off
  3. Turn wifi on
  4. Turn the iPad on
  5. Turn wifi on
  6. Download the app again
  7. Sign in again
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Consider pressing he restore button, it should ask you for a password to your ID. Also, maybe sign out then back in.

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No worries, make sure to let us know if it works by pressing the little checkmark underneath my original post so others can quickly find the solution.

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