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_emphasized text_Hi guys, I am new to the team. I can not seem to do online flying and air traffic
control each time I do it it says account not available, pls HELP ME!!!


Have you possibly run out of your live subscription? You cannot access either of those if you do not have a subscription.
Online flying and controlling are part of your live subscription. Can you provide a photo please?


Welcome, to the community by the way :)


iOS or Android? Type of subscription? Device up to date? It’s unusual to have connection problems with your account. How new is your IF online profile?

Hope I could help and your problem get solved ;)


Here is the photo

So, in summary:

  • I have been playing Infinite Flight for a while
  • But, I never did air traffic control, fly online or events
    -This morning (an hour ago here), I registered for the above, using my gmail account
  • Just Now, I wanted to use air traffic control and fly online
  • it said login with Google or Facebook
  • I chose: use google
  • first it said: authenticating
  • then it gave the error message, the picture I show you.

Cheers and hope to hear more from you!! ;)

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As I said above, please contact David to get your problem solved. Thanks :)

Is your gmail ID correct?

Did you actually pay for it? Online services are a $8/month or $80/year payment. Without paying for it, you can’t use online or ATC

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Dont you mean $6 a month or $60 a year?

Different countries, different payements. AUD

Ahh the $ symbol threw me off. I was thinking in American dollars

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