Account not associated message

I am trying to sign in on another account and pay for a subscription on it but before I even login it says the account isn’t associated to the profile. Is this because I have another account on the device with an active subscription. If so is there a way to do it instead of waiting for the subscription to end?

This will need a mod

@schyllberg should be able to help😉

As you say, this is because you already have an active account with a subscription.

You will not be able to do this on the specific device with your specific Apple-ID/Google Account as long as the other subscription remains active.

May i ask the purpose of your efforts?


I’m a going to start agin as my other account is one I used with a parent and now I’m older I’m am going to have one myself.


If you’re using the same Apple-ID (iOS) or Google Account (Android) in the store, it will unfortunately not be possible as the stores have safeguards to prevent multiple purchases of the same product/subscription. It’s usually a good rule, but it gets a bit inconvenient in these cases.