Account mishap

This may be one of the most unusual occurrences of all time. There’s nothing wrong with the app, it’s just that when I renewed my subscription for $49.99, infinite flight created a whole different account. So now the subscription that’s supposed to be on my other account (Silver Ace) is now on an account called “User-41908”. And of course it has no stats since it’s a new account; which I didn’t even create. My Silver Ace account was nearly a Grade 4. So I was wondering if you could terminate the “User-41908” account and possibly move that subscription over to my Silver Ace account. Because now infinite flight recognizes the account that it created as my primary account.

Contact @schyllberg, who should be able to help you out here. :)

It would be a good idea to have your previous account details ready (callsign, display name, etc).

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