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Hello! When I switch from my home wifi to my mobile internet and from mobile internet to wifi, my google account in infinite flight always logs out, so I need to log into my google account again. Can you fix this? It is really annoying

Hello! Could you describe your problem in more detail, please? I just tried this and it auto logged me in as it normally does.

Hello Ryanairy55! You’re only able to log out of your account when you go your stats page (by pressing the display name In-Flight or anytime not In-Flight but in the app) and pressing the logout box so this is irregular. Are you able to provide a short video by any chance of this happening, including steps you’ve taken to resolve this?

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Ok, just wait few mins and I’ll reply

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Okay, take your time.

I don’t know, but now it didn’t log out. Maybe, this happens when it is long time without opening if (at least 1-2 hours), also maybe this happens when changing location, idk
But I’ll look more at this problem and get the information why does it sometimes log out.
Also sorry for my bad English

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No problem for the English, completely understandable.

If it’s been a while since the app was opened and has been sitting in the background, the game needs to refresh and reconnect, so I believe this is your issue.

Your English is fine. :)


Thank you!

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No problem :)


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