Account linking

I linked my account to google first then I got live, now it doesn’t show that it is connected to google but in my google my account settings it says connected. Which one should I trust?

I’ve been wondering about his for a while a a topic posted before reminded me of this

Have you tried logging in and out of your account that’s linked with google? If two different things are saying something different logging out and logging in may help and update it. Just my thoughts and what I’d try initially.

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That hasn’t worked

Are you able to fly online or is it affecting your actual sub?

Yeah it’s been there since February when I bought live, I’ve been able to fly and play since February

If it doesn’t say “Link account” in the bottom right of the account page, you can be calm.

The text that is supposed to show if it’s linked to Google / Facebook is somewhat glitchy.


I think this means that it’s good

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