Account lag?

I have been grade 2 since December, and have been waiting for this day when I can go back on expert server… now this happens.

Could anyone help me as I’d really like to get back to grade 3!

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

you need to have less then 5 violanitions in the year, u have 6

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You most likely need to increase your 90-day count of landings. Head over to the Casual Server and do some touch and goes to meet the Grade 3 flight time and landing requirements.

Edit: I missed the 12-month violations.

  • Close the app and go back in
  • Do a flight on casual
  • Check your stats again.

You had 6 violations but one rolled off yesterday. The flight will often “refresh” your stats.


Ok thanks!

Landings and such you need to be above the number. Violations you need to be under that number. So the user was correct that your stats showed 6 but the limit was 5. Think of it like a speed limit.


I had a look, and it’s cause of my 90-day flight time (after I reset the system by doing a flight), thanks!

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A short flight across the US will fix that.

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Yeah you’re right

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