Account Keeps Downgrading to Grade 1

Hello all,
I notice that after I landed a long flight from the la area to hawaii, for some reason my account had been set back to Grade 1. I was normally grade 2 since I had a few violations due to joystick disconnects and etc. Is there a way to view the number of violations or get the error reset? I’m not saying I’m an expert but I should be at the least Grade 2.

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Hello and thanks for contacting support!

Can you send a picture of your stats? (Click your stats in the top right corner, click on the i next to your grade)

The reasoning is probably because you have to many violations. There is no way of getting them reset as it wasnt a glitch in the game.

Hope this helps!

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I guess i see now i apparently got 6 violations today, even though I don’t remember going over 250kts below 10000ft. Are there other ways to get violations?

Hello, you can see why you can get violation here:

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• 30 knts + on the ground (taxiways)
• 250+ knts above 10,000 ft
• Aerobatics near a airport
• Above speed of aircraft (overspeed)

Theres some others… but that’s mainly it.

Fly on Casual till you get back to grade 3 (my advise)

See you on Expert in 7 days!


How is aerobatics near an airport defined?

“Flying inverted” kinda stuff!

you know, having an airshow near an airport on TS1 or Expert

okay so aerobatics must not be what racked up my violations today. Still confused on how i managed to get 6 of them without knowing it. Are there ways that not communicating properly with ATC can get you violations?

Hi there. More than likely you went over the limit of the airframe. Over speed. This will only show if you are in cockpit view and is an automatic penalty. Also if you overdosed on landing ( miss the runway) and above 30 kts.

Best play in Casual since you will not get any violations until you are more proficient. I fly there most of the time. 😀

Ah i see, are there any messages that get displayed when this happens?

The message will only be displayed while you are flying and viewing in cockpit view. Otherwise you will not see or hear! Suggestion, set your speed to 200kts till above 10,000 ft then set to 340 kts. Don’t go above 340 kts air speed (280 kits if flying Dash 8)

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Well that’s nice, maybe in the future those messages could be displayed no matter the view. Anyways thanks for the help guys, maybe one of these days I can experience the glory that is the expert server