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Hi, my name is Indra, I’ve been playing this game till i was just in grade 3 in this game, but after for the next payment due, i didn’t know that my payment didn’t pay the subscription. After 1 month of not playing, i decided to play back this game and pay the subscription, and end up i see said i do not have the account that has grade 3. I always use Google account*

Do you mean it’s a brand new account?

You likely don’t meet one or more of the requirements for grade 3. Can you send a screenshot of your stats table? It should look like this:

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This is most likely because you iavent achieved the amount of monthly landings needed. Press onnthentop rightbwhere your username is, and where it states your grade press the info button and anything not green, is where you are lacking. If you don’t understand what it means, just come back here with a screenshot :)

No no, its that i haven’t play this game in like 1 and the have month and i didnt pay it, but when i went back to play, the acc is gone. My previous account was grade 3

Fortunately, we have this covered in the Support FAQ. Please see below :)
You can send a PM to me directly instead of emailing if you’d like.

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