Account Issues.

I’ve recently moved from Android to IOS. I cancelled my infinite flight subscription on google play and resubscribe on IOS. However, the Google account link isn’t working which means my grade and flight hours ain’t carrying over. I’ve tried relinking my google account but that still doesnt work. When I log in on IOS, it recognises and logins me in an account (New one) but it will not login into the correct account (one connected to the forum etc).

The google accounts login works when logining into the forum, but again it does not work on IOS and Android now.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Hello Pilot_Dan,

Welcome back to the IFC. Our friendly support specialist @schyllberg should be able to migrate those accounts for you when he sees this. Please make sure you have the username/callsign of your old and new accounts ready to present to him.


If you wanted you could also just continue subscribing on android and logging on to that account instead of paying for a new subscription and it forcing you to make a new account.

@Pilot_Dan - I’ve sent you a private message.