Account issues

I had to reboot my device and now when I try to log back in it tells me i have no active account. I’m current so i can’t figure out what the issue is…can someone help?

I am current until May 15th

If you are trying to login in Infinite Flight and there’s a message showing up that you have no account:


  • that you use your correct username and that you’ve spelled your username in the right way
  • that you chose the correct login method (Google or Facebook)

If you are logged in and it’s telling you that you have no active subscription:

Please provide your callsign and display name. Moderators can check your subscription status with this information

Could you maybe send a screenshot of the error message? It would be helpful for us to help you.

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I think you are using a wrong account. Look at the top right corner. It says 0 Flight Time and 0 XP.

Is it possible that you may have confused two gmail accounts?

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my log book is still there but can’t get back in

Your logbook is saved locally on your device, as @Marc said you are most likely logged into the wrong account, looking at your stats in the top right corner.

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Okay I used google instead of facebook to log back in and it worked …thanks for the help everyone!

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You’re welcome, and Happy Landings!

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Great! Remember to mark DasMarc reply as the solution, there should be a tick box under the reply. :)


you were right…logged back in now…thank you