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Dear IF team
I have an problem with my IF account ,i did some touch and goes for my grading on EDDF but suddenly the live server disconnectet .
after an couple of minutes i tried to contuine with the t&gs but i wasnt able to join ,the game said my acc already being used on an diffreant device .
i went to liveflight and i found my on EDDF even tho i already left minutes ago. I looked on my brothers phone aswell if my plane was still over EDDF and it was ,what can i do about it i nearly tried everything please help.

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it seems that you are already wait a minutes ago, so try to wait again. If that doesn’t work try to restart your device.

also, you cannot join with 2 device with same account at the same time.

Did I send that on BAVA’s account, yes :skull:

This issue, at least seeing yourself on liveflight, shouldn’t be happening anymore since the servers on the website were improved lately as far as I am aware, so when you end your flight it disappears on liveflight fairly quickly too.

The best way around this is to first restart IF. If that still isn’t working, restart your device and try again. I doubt this is a connection issue since it states that you have multiple accounts in use.

Let me know if any of these work!

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