Account information lost

I understand you had some problem with the data system several hours ago. Now I have logged back into my account with valid subscription, but with NO prior records. Should be Grade 3, 58 or some landings, and call sign is changed as well. Now, 0 XP, 0 flight time, grade 1, 0 flights, 0 landings, call sign N639RT which is assigned by the system.

Try restarting your device. Are you certain you logged in with the correct credentials?

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Since it’s an account related issue, you can email support at the following address.

Hey there, have you Tried restarting the app? If it doesn’t work (if you aren’t logged in just log in with your account back, or log out and back in) or just restart your device as someone mentioned above

Other than being an account related issue, it could be related to your internet connection not allowing your stats to be updated. Is your internet generally slow? You could try restarting your router, or as recommended above, your device.

Ehhhh. Thanks guys for the help. Though it does not work out. Have tried restarting the ipad, restarting the app, reinstalling the app. And cannot be an internet issue either, I can download the aircraft smoothly after the reinstallation. Cannot be an account issue. I use my google account to log in, and the valid date of subscription is correct. Gotta try email the problem. Thanks a lot.

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