Login not working

The login on mobile for the account website is not working. When I log in, this happens:

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Need some help with the PC one too

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Happening to me on Mac

It may help to try a different web browser from the one being used with the error.
I use Safari from my iPads without any trouble, but when I tried from my PC with IE I got the same page from your picture above. Strange though.

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Same problem for me still

I use Facebook to login to my Live account, but when trying to access my stats with the account URL, the facebook progress icon just keeps spining around foreever. I’ve tried login via iPad Safari, Desktop IE, Firefox & Chrome, also using new private sessions to clear all history. No go - login still fails?

Any ideas?


I think there was some server work with adjustments to access … Had a weird problem with trying to change callsign, I just signed out within the app and then resigned back in within the app and solved the problem.

It says that my acount is not available

Works ok on my end. Just tried it out on my Mac.

Please create your own support topic. Thanks. :)