Account in use on another device

Good morning, I am trying to loading my flight but it came saying my account is in use on another device. But I am not sign in on another device.

I even restarted my device but same problem.


i am having the same issue too, it still says i am flying ZUCK-ZULS, while the flight ended a while back

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Something is def up with the servers, I’m sure we’ll hear an update from the team when they have one

same problem here, cant start a flight at all only if i turn of wifi start the flight and turn it back on, but then the weather doesnt work

Same issue here, can’t start a flight.

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Thank you! I have the same issue on Expert only

I’m also experiencing the same issue. I ended a previous flight about 30mins ago and now cannot start a new flight

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Yea, I can spawn in casual just fine

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I can also spawn in casual or training, but not in expert, keep gettung account locked message. Guess I will run 1 flight on the training server

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It’s working correctly now. I have just spawned at EGLL

With me it’s not working. Disconnected and connect echt again doesn’t work too…

I have the issue too

Same issue. Only in expert server .

Same. Maybe system wide issue right now?

Oh, so its not just me, Thank god.

Sorry about this folks, looks like Expert had a small issue overnight. We’re just fixing the issue now and recovering service.

You should be able to try connecting again in a minute


Issue resolved . Thanks

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