Account Help

Hi, I recently bought infinite flight pro on my iPhone, using the App Store. However I can’t seem to get it onto my iPad. How do I link accounts?


Alright first did you login in by google or anything in IF?

no mate, I logged in via Apple

If yes then you should login with your google account. If you got IF on the same account from your phone and your iPad then you can play

Do you use the same account on your iPad?

I use the same Apple ID yes

Alright try this turn off your device and turn it back on or delete IF and download it again

I’ve played a lot on iphone before to buy my ipad. I still have IF on both and they both work. You have to download IF on the app store, and then connect your Ipad with the same account you use on iphone. Then your pro sub will automatically come on your ipad. Let me know if you arrived (or not)

Still doesn’t work. Gives me the option to sign in using IFC, Google or Facebook

If your account was NOT linked with any of the following:


Then I don’t think you can transfer your account. If you can, try linking the account on your phone, then move onto your iPad. If you can’t do that, you may want to wait till a Staff member @schyllberg comes.

Also, are you in Beta?


You need to link the account on your iPhone first, since all purchases are in a “Sandbox” mode preventing cross-detection to function properly.