Account Hacked?

I Need Urgent Help, it Appears That My Account Is Being Used On Another Device?

It does not necessarily mean you were hacked.

Do you have a second device? Often times we see this when someone did not log out all the way of one device. You can only use one account at a time when flying.

Sometimes it could be a simple network issue where a restart of the device fixes it.


I Have Infinite Flight Downloaded On 1 Device.

Have you given your account/password to anyone else?

Do you use a google account?

Most likely it was a temporary network issue. A simple reboot should solve it.

I am not seeing anything odd looking at your account.

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No I don’t

Yes, always

You can get google to sign out of all devices. Then you can change the password.

How long have you current session been online?

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To remove devices:

Go to . Then go to the 9 dots in a square at the top right. Click ‘account’. Click ‘security’. At the top, there will be:


We keep your account protected

The Security Checkup gives you personalized
recommendations to secure your

Get Started


Click ‘get started’. Click ‘your devices’. On the right of each device, there will be three dots. Click the three dots. You can remove the device from there

The day start people hacking Google accounts to steal someones Infinite Flight account…

Let’s take it easy, shall we? :)


I was playing solo
when I got the message

For how long had you been doing that? :)

10 Minutes

Okay, then it’s not the usual issue.
I would not be alarmed, this can happen as @Chris_S mentioned when there’s a minor database glitch on our end or if there’s a connection issue. You can most likely be calm :)

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