Account Grade Question

Hello Infinite Flight community!

I have a question about my Infinite Flight grades.

I do not know what category to put this in again , but since late May until August 16th I was a grade 2 pilot but on the 16th I checked my Infinite Flight Account and it showed me that I was grade 1? I had not gotten a violation 2 weeks before the 16th so I was really confused and annoyed (Because on the Casual server it does not tell me if I am overspeeding). Could this be because of a Violation I was unaware about? Or is it because I was logged out.

Some Info:
I have 7 violations on my account ( Will check later to confirm)
On the home page it has me logged in on my Generic_Flyer account (My Main and only account).

If you have an answer I really appreciate your help and I would be the most thankful!


(Edit: The reason of the Down Grade was due to the 90 Day landing limit. I have done 1 full flight and is now Grade 2 again! Thx for support!)

Thats because you need to get a certain amount of landings and flight time per 90 days, which means you dropped because you didnt play enough in that time

My guess is that your 90 days landing / flight time requirement wasn’t met. A screenshot of your grade table will let us confirm :)


Yes, I will post a Screenshot of my Grade Table. I had no Idea of the 90 days landing requirement since I almost always forget about my Grade Table existing. Thank you for your reply!

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