Account does not reflect the recent payment

Hello, I recently pay another subscription while in flight but it is still not connecting to the live server? I have a good internet connection now but the subscription does not reflect. What should I do?

Im not sure why you had to pay for one in flight, but if it can’t connect to the live server, that’s usually a network issue that can resolve itself (unless your subscription ran out midflight). However, if your issue is a subscription not showing up, I’d suggest rebooting IF and your device, signing in and out of your account, and seeing if that helps

As per @schyllberg:

Nothing should happen.
I’ve seen maybe 2-3 cases where something did happen, but that was most likely because the app had been running for a long time.
It’s usually never a problem with a subscription automatic renewal mid-flight, unless the app have been running for 70hrs+.

Do you have auto renew on? How long was your app running at the time?

about 2 hours or more? then when m internet was disconnected for about a minute, there was a prompt saying that I am disconnected from the live server and when I checked my account the subscription is not yet updated but I already payed it

Okay, there seems to be two issues here.

  1. Your network was disconnected, therefore disconnecting you from the live server - next time, check your connection.

  2. A simple reboot can help solve the subscription issue. Full instructions are linked in the support guide below.

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Will my flight be saved even though it shows that I am not connected to the liver server?

Thank you!

If you continue offline for a long period of time, I believe IF will disconnect you from live permanently due to a timeout. My recommendation is just to end the flight if possible, reboot, and sign in and out of your account to see if the subscription appears again

This is so sad to know because my flight from singapore to Newark will restart. But, if this is the solution I will do it

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