Account does not recognise subscription


Odd problem after I changed my subscription from monthly to yearly. My account does not recognise it.

I paid while the account was logged in at the time.

I know this because I’ve tried a few troubleshooting tips such as restarting the device and uninstalling/reinstalling the app.

When I re-installed the app the game did recognise that I had pro, but when I logged into my account it only said ‘get pro’.

So the payment did go through fine and it seems more like a linkage problem.

Really what I’m asking for is whether or not I can use my old account because I have quite a lot of XP and Grade 3 and it would be a shame to lose several months of work.

I have heard about merging accounts and I’m happy with a solution that lets me keep my statistics while being able to use pro.


I suggest you get in contact with support via this email and report your issue. Hopefully it gets resolved!

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First of all this wouldn’t work

For this u need to email, they can help u. I can’t do that much about it, sorry

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Brand new account yes. It wasn’t the account with the XP


I thought it might have done at the time if it was a sync error :)

I’ll try the email shortly because I do know that some of the support team are also on this forum and this open topic might be helpful if others if they get the same problem

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If you want to merge accounts, the staff can do it for you. Just shoot them an email or a PM, specifically, this guy here:

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