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Hi, I have a problem, don’t know who to reach out to:

on Android, I have an account on Level 3, switched to Ipad, but cannot find my account there under my e-mail and just find, don’t know why, an old one with level 1… could someone just reach out and help me sort this please? Thanks!

Hi, have you followed the steps listed here in the Support Faq?

How to Manage your Subscription

If you decide to install Infinite Flight on a different device, your subscription can be passed over provided you are using the same Apple ID (for iOS) or Google Play account (for Android) that the previous subscription was purchased on.

If however, you are no longer using the same platform (i.e. iOS to Android or vice versa), or using a different Apple ID/Google Play account, then you will need to link your Community Forum Account first for it to be recognised. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1

If no active subscription is detected, the “Get Pro” button will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the Home Screen, tap it

Step 2

The subscription page will be displayed, from there, tap “I already have an account” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Step 3

Tap “Sign In with Infinite Flight” and login to your existing Community Forum Account

If you are still unable to access your subscription after completing the steps above, please send an e-mail explaining the steps you’ve already taken as well as the information below to

  • Display Name and Callsign
  • Device
  • Complete Purchase Receipt showing date, item, and item number (Beginning with GPA if Android User)

Hi, Thanks I have. From the logbook, I have seen that my IPad links to an account of 2016. When I click on „switch account” and click on “sign in with infinite flight”, it doesn’t show a log in site it just shows the site attached so I only can click “authoize”. So, I cannot even type in the right credentials.

Apple ID and the email for my correct IF account are the same, App has already been de installed and re installed. Doesn’t help.

Try to clear your browser history, cookies and site data to sign out from other accounts used before. Then sign in using the account you wish to use for Infinite Flight. Open IF and sign in/authorise the new account.

Hope this helps,

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From what it looks like, the issue here is that your account with your subscription you’ve been using on your Android device being Grade 3, was never connected to your Community profile. This is why you’re unable to access the account from your iOS device.

Do you recall the last callsign used on your Android device?



so then there must be two, because email address here is also the one for the google account that purchased the subscription where I have level 3.

However, the last callsign was Delta 1185


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The one you had with Android, was not connected to anything. No email or similar (what email you use in Play Store is not something the app see).

I did however find your purchase history using your email and managed to find the accounts and merge the two of them. So all should be in order now :)


Yesss worked! Thanks a lot!

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Lord Seb 🧙‍♂️