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Hi there,

About two months ago, when I still had my Android phone, I ended my pro subscription because I ran out of time. Today I have an iPhone, no longer a pro subscription, but when I want to log in, my account can generally not be found. I’m not sure if I signed in with Google or Facebook, but at least the login should work without a Pro subscription, right?

Thank you for your help!

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Yes, the account will show up even without a subscription. If there’s no account tied to the Google/Facebook account you’re trying to sign in with, it will say that it’s never been used with the app.

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Thank you for your answer. This is really very strange because I was sure that I linked my account. Are all my stats gone now? :(

Not necessarily. We can check on our end :)
Do you recall the last callsign and display name you used?

my display name was “riconeo”. Unfortunately I don’t remember my callsign anymore.

That account is linked to a Google account.

nico.***** (asterix for security)

Yeah, now, because I bought a new one today at my iPhone. But i miss my old account from two months ago.

If you have the callsign and display name available for the new account, it’s a simple matter of transferring things which we can do :)

But i can’t proof my stats from the old account :(

//edit: Or were you able to find my acc?

I’ve found your old account already, i need the details for the new one :)

Lufthansa 219

That’s the new account.
You said that was the details for the old one when i asked :)

I did however manage to locate the old one now, by poking around a bit.
“Nico” / “Lufthansa 254”

Is that the one, if so… I’ll transfer everything from this account to the new one, since the old account was not linked.

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Yeah, that is the old account. Thank you very much :)

Facepalm for myself.

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It’s been transferred now :)
Just restart the app and you’ll be good to go!

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Thank you so much for your fast help! :)

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