Account being used

I was in the middle of a solo takeoff and got a message saying that my account was being used on another device! Please help as I dont want to get violations, this is the only device I use.

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You won’t get any violations for it. Try to reinstall the app

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Change the password of your email, maybe someone got into it. But a restart should also help.


Hi There! thanks for contacting support 🙂

Not to worry! You won’t get violations or banned, the only way for violations to occur would be if someone was using your account and flew around and received violations.

As others have said change your account email…

And perhaps if that hasn’t worked, restart or reinstall the app…

The classic on/off trick 🙂


Ok thanks, but I was worried that someone could fly around and get violations

That is the case… “If” someone was in fact using your account and purposely racking up violations

This happens when you improperly close out of a previous session by hitting the home button or just locking your device. Always go to the menu and end flight prior to closing Infinite Flight.

If the session is not ended properly the server is still hanging onto the flight that was occurring hours or days ago. If you do improperly close out simply force close the app and do a fresh launch of Infinite Flight. Thanks!