Account Being Used On Another Device

I was just about to pushback for a flight when an error message appeared on my screen saying, “Your account is being used on another device, throttles will be cut.” I’ve seen this happen recently to other people on Infinite Flight. Is this an issue with the sim or is there actually someone hacking into my account?

Unless you have another device with IF on it this is probably just an error. Try switching to airplane mode for a minute then turn airplane mode off.

Ok thank you very much!

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This happens to me as well. It’s just a bug that happens if you leave your IF on in the background during a flight and come back a while later. Ending the flight and starting a new one should fix it.

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Hence why we constantly ask folks to not leave the app once they begin a flight. When users do this it can make trouble for air traffic control and fellow pilots.

Highly recommend that once you begin a flight and spawn in, just stay in the app and complete your journey.

I wouldn’t call it a bug.


Sorry to be a bit stingy but it really indeed is.
Game shouldn’t cut off throttle randomly when it’s “being used on another device”, but isn’t. Don’t forget the ones on Solo/CS

I don’t usually do it myself but it does cause inconvenience. There is potential to fix this bug. Can’t possibly be an intentional feature could it?

Again, I’m not a developer by any means but if there is a looming habit of people leaving the app especially for extended periods of time then flying on a live server isn’t the best idea in my opinion especially since this app requires an internet connection :)

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