Account/app crash/grade issues


I’ve had this issue before and nothing was done to help, because i was told to wait. However this is really annoying.
The past couple of days I’ve started long haul flights and the app would crash a little over half way into the flight.
In yesterday’s flight, it reported multiple speed violations before crashing. Was confused as to how this was possible because I was no where close to being done.
In last night/this mornings flight, it reported another violation, and ended my flight because my account was logged into another device.
What’s up with all of this? I only have the game on my iPad. No one has my password or the game on any of their devices. So why am I being reported?? Is this something you guys do every few months?? Just find someone and mess with them?? Because that’s complete bs.

Can you please fix this ASAP.
I’m not happy about this.

Hi this is an issue the with the servers. Please standby and monitor this thread.

If you were reported/grade was changed becuase of this issue, you may be liable to claiming these violations back from your account.


Yeah man, I just logged In to infinite flight and all servers are down. Something is clearer wrong.

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Okay, is this going to fix the violations that was given?? Because it’s not fair to be reported when the game itself is faulty.

Will add this onto all threads.

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How do I claim them back?

Talk to a moderator.

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PM a staff once it’s all over, or post in a thread for it, whatever they decide on how to respond. Just hold tight for now.

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Imma help you out