Account already in use error

Hello I would like to report the following: I have infinite flight pro, but today this ad was placed just as my account was used, however, I have not installed it on another device and much less shared my account. I would appreciate a solution on this matter. Thank you so much

El El mar, 16 ene 2024 a las 13:11, jasonrosewell via Infinite Flight Community <> escribió:

Hello @Snerling_Gonzalez,

Can you try and close the app and wait for 30 seconds and see if you are facing the same issue?

Thanks for answer me

I’m going to try this opción.
Many, tomorrow will be okay the app
I would like to do screenshot how I should to setting my app
For example;

-Watch other planes,
-Listen the radio control
-How can I safe the play (flight long distance) to play in other time?

Thanks 😊

El El jue, 29 feb 2024 a las 0:12, Magician via Infinite Flight Community <> escribió:

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