Account Access on iPhone 5c

I’m having trouble logging to my account using iPhone 5c. I know its an old phone but is there any other way I can access my account

What iOS is the phone?

iOS 10 is the latest the 5c could get.

It should be logging on though, unless its a really old version of IF.

An Apple device has to be iOS 11 and up to run Infinite Flight.

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That’s the issue then.

Yes, its iOS 10

Ouch I feel it bad. It’s a 32 bit processor phone and Apple has forced developers to update their apps to pure 64 bits. Your Infinity Flight is a 32 bits and this version may not be able to work with the actual servers. Something like this

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As others mentioned, this is due to device incompatibility. Your device only supports the pre-Global versions of Infinite Flight, which are not compatible with our account systems.

You will therefore not be able to access your account from an iPhone 5C.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you, I have to buy a new phone

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