Accomplishments of iCoffeeCat since joining on 1 October 2015

115 days since I joined

162 hours total

Avg 1.4 hrs/day

2.76 flights/day

51.9 minutes/flight!

And in addendum …

for the XP Factor I average over 1000 points per day

Never ghosted

25 violations

Not bad for an old pilot!


On this forum?

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He references “flight” so I am guessing Live?

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Not bad at all, you must made a huge effort to calculate those numbers.

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Not really, that kind of math is easy, unless it’s sarcasm, then duly noted. Have a groovy weekend 😎

No sarcasm, that’s a lot of numbers to work with

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Thank-you, not sure what to expect sometimes in forums. I’m a very technical type of person and am quite used to being the “nerd in the room”

If you’re interested in doing your own profile as such just look at your total online flight time then divide that by your time the subscription started (or the other way around) then all the other numbers are simply divisions of either 30 24 or 60 from those two prior mentioned totals as well as total flights.

So the three fixed numbers you need for a given moment are

Days from beginning of subscription(s)

Hours in Flight

How many flights

And lastly, these are just averages deduced from known absolutes.

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