Accomplishing a Dream! Spotting at KATL

Thanks Dylan!

I’d recommend the Virgin A340 and the Delta A321

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Those are two of them! I’m also planning to upload the 747 and a cropped version of photo 10

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You mean 11 😉

Oops! I hope that’s alright!

Unfortunately not. 10 photos limit per topic

I’ll delete one 😢

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Bye bye photo 10 👋🏻

Alaska 737-900ER


Otherwise, great photos!

It was an 737-800

Nice pictures, but unfortunately I don’t think they are at Jet Photos quality, but number 3 might be okay with some edits done to it. They have a very strict standard of guidelines they tend to uphold.

Well, I have already uploaded them, I guess I will just have to wait and see

Actually, if you look above the wing, you see an extra exit door. A feature specifically for the 737-900ER as far as the 737NG family goes.

One of those threads where u wish a lot of ppl didn’t take advantage of spotting and we could see all the pics.

Great shots!! Love the last one

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Alright, my bad. Sorry

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Thank you!

All good mate! Just a correction ;)

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@JacksonAviation where do you usually spot I know the domestic terminal is the best to get up close with planes to watch take off and land or as known as the south terminal but on the First photo of the 747 China Airlines cargo where were you on that one

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ill be flying ATL-BOS in june as well

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The Cargo 747 is the domestic terminal, but some of the others are at the parking garage at the International terminal. Much better place to spot

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