Accomplishing a Dream! Spotting at KATL

Hello everyone! Some of you may know, I live in Atlanta! However, Florida One is usually never here. I have always wanted to see it, and today I accomplished something four years in the making!

1.) China Airlines Cargo 747-400
This plane was headed to Dallas (DFW) from Atlanta, but still amazed me to think how far this plane can fly!

2.) Virgin Atlantic A340-600
This plane has once daily service to ATL from EGLL

3.) Delta A321-200
This plane just arrived from Boston, and I am actually flying this plane on that route in June!

4.) Alaska 737-900
This plane was on its way to Seattle. I just love the new Alaska livery!

5.) Spirit A320-200
This school bus was on its way to Fort Lauderdale :)

6.) Southwest 737-700
This is one of the Southwest planes with mismatched engines! It’s a canyon blue plane with the heart engine on part of it

The following are photos of Florida One! Try to contain your excitement!!!

7-11.) N954WN! Oh my god, just look at it! This is the reason why I like what I do!

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Which one was your favorite?


You have got some nice shots there mate, Keep doing what your doing. Follow your passion. Amazing shots.

The Sprit A320 looks amazing.

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Thank you! I am going to upload some of these to JetPhotos!

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Great stuff, Jackson!

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Thanks Dylan!

I’d recommend the Virgin A340 and the Delta A321

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Those are two of them! I’m also planning to upload the 747 and a cropped version of photo 10

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You mean 11 😉

Oops! I hope that’s alright!

Unfortunately not. 10 photos limit per topic

I’ll delete one 😢

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Bye bye photo 10 👋🏻

Alaska 737-900ER


Otherwise, great photos!

It was an 737-800

Nice pictures, but unfortunately I don’t think they are at Jet Photos quality, but number 3 might be okay with some edits done to it. They have a very strict standard of guidelines they tend to uphold.

Well, I have already uploaded them, I guess I will just have to wait and see

Actually, if you look above the wing, you see an extra exit door. A feature specifically for the 737-900ER as far as the 737NG family goes.

One of those threads where u wish a lot of ppl didn’t take advantage of spotting and we could see all the pics.

Great shots!! Love the last one

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Alright, my bad. Sorry

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Thank you!