Accidently Deleted.

I accidently deleted my app. And now it wont connect to my itunes and my grade/ trust level is back to 0 everything is at 0

Hello there! Don’t panic. Simply login with the correct credentials and all of your data will show up. Make sure you use the correct Google or Facebook information during verification.


Hi there, If you log back in using the same Google account (Email) or Facebook account that you first signed up on and have your subscripton on, it will all be synced back onto the device. All your info is stored in the cloud. Make sure you use the correct account and information! To log back in, simply follow the steps prompted in the app.

Happy Flying!

Thank You! I accidently logged in with facebook. Whoops.

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Are you okay now and were able to login?

Yes i was able too, Thank you

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